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Coders Passion can make a great difference in your learning journey!

As a national initiative to make Singapore a Smart Nation, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has urged schools to expose students to information & technology and coding skills - skills that students can pick up and help build Singapore into a Smart Nation.

Coding and robotics introduce important skills like creativity, systems thinking, computational thinking and 21st century skills which in turn translates to increasing productivity, communication, digital age literacy and inventive thinking skills for our workforce.

Coding can be intimidating to many. At Coders Passion, our mentors expose learners to important debugging, iterative and project work knowledge such that they no longer view computer code as a foreign language.

All of our mentors have conducted training at numerous pre-schools, Ministry of Education (MOE) schools and international schools. On top of this, we tailor curriculum that gel with school subjects and conduct teachers’ training for various schools.

We advocate teaching it in a fun and engaging manner, through concepts (theory), practical (active learning via practices) and perspectives (learners develop their own understanding towards a problem and find ways to solve them). This includes empowering them with self-directed learning via various resources.

We have inspired many of our young learners to join their information and communication clubs as a co-curricular activity, as well as taking computing as an ‘O’ level subject. A good number of them move on to specialising in computer science for their tertiary education.

Through our mentorship, learners :

  • Are quipped with the much needed knowledge, skills & techniques on programming and robotics

  • Understand and apply programming and robotics concepts to real-life situations via simulation of problems and guidance on solutions

  • Apply their knowledge in programming and develop trouble-shooting skills such as the abilities to solve technical and software issues effectively

  • Enhance their knowledge in mechanical, engineering, science and analytical development

  • Expose them to a competition environment where they understand and familiarise themselves with the expectations, time and task pressures that they will have to go through in an actual competition.

  • Develop their team coordination, interactivity and creative-thinking skills in a systematic order

With the acquired skills in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math), interested learners can aspire towards particular roles that take them into many desirable career paths. This will help Singapore nurture a generation of people equipped with important problem-solving abilities to progress together as a Smart Nation. A ready supply of jobs await graduates as the demand for these talents way exceeds the current supply.

Link up with us to find out more! 😊

Coders Passion aims to unleash our learners’ potential of being important creators of technology (not just consumers) and make a difference by using technology to solve the world’s problems and improve lives!

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