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ICode Global Hackathon 2022

The ICode Global Hackathon 2022 is the 5th edition of the world’s largest K12 coding competition. ICode is a global organization which enables K12 students to benchmark their coding skills with their peers globally.


This edition will see more than 2.5 million students participating from 75+ countries including students from Central and South American countries for the first time.

  • What is the role of Coders Passion in ICode Global Hackathon
    The partnership between Coders Passion and ICode allows Coders Passion to register and allocate license to students in Singapore. In addition, Coders Passion will: Conduct training to students Being a point of Contact for any information with regards to the hackathon. Coders Passion will play the role as the "school" for the students to register with us
  • When is the National Qualifier ?
    Preliminary Round will be known as the National Qualifier. The date of the qualifier will be on 11 Sep 2022. Email Notification on the dates will be sent to the students once they have registered for the competition.
  • Does the competition start at a zonal/national level?
    All Participants in Singapore will be grouped together and compete in the qualifier. The top 10% will proceed to the national finals
  • Are students required to gather in 1 Location on competition day?
    Participants can compete at home or any location with a stable internet connection. Participants do not have to gather at a place .
  • What logistics will be required on Competition Day?
    Laptop with internet connection
  • Will there be a fixed time/date for the Competition?
    Yes, all participants will compete at the same date and time For example, if the competition is tmr, participants will have to login before 2pm and get ready to compete during this time.
  • What level of involvement is expected from teachers/parents?
    Parents will be helping with the setup of laptop/internet connection issues from home Suggest Teachers can check on the students’ progress and contact us should you require any further clarification Kindly remind students to attend webinars and attempt the preparatory modules to prepare them for competition. For students who missed the webinars, they can watch the recordings on ICode Youtube Channel
  • How is the Webinar Schedule like?
    Participants will be informed of the webinar schedule in ICode will be conducting webinars for participants. Kindly view the webinar schedule in his dashboard. ICode will also send 3 reminder emails to participants before the start of the webinars. Please keep a lookout for it. If participant is unable to attend the webinar, please refer to the link to view the recording:
  • How to set password for subsequent logins, instead of verification code?
    ICode only allows students to login via verification code. The rationale behind it is to prevent sharing of accounts.
  • Are we allowed to change email?
    ICode does not allow a change in email address For Schools, please ensure the student register with a generic email account instead of student icon email
  • How do I prepare for the competition?
    Following are the components of the Preparation-Kit Personalized account with access to 60+ levels of preparatory modules. Preparatory Webinar Mock Hackathon Sessions. Please refer to the link for more information:

Competition Format 2022


ICode Global Hackathon Competition Structure

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