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Updated: Dec 9, 2023

At Coders Passion, we believe in giving our students the opportunity to apply what they have learnt through our courses to coding/programming competition. We have seen how competitions

helped boost our students’ confidence. Competitions will also expose them to real-world problems/challenges where they come up with the best possible solution within a set timeframe.

Prior to sending our students to competitions, we will introduce to them the various analytical and interactive tasks via project work. Through these activities, they are able to apply various

programming concepts, methodologies and strategies as well as debugging skills that they have acquired through our training. In addition, we will assess their skills and competency and identify

areas of improvement.

We equip our students with a healthy competitive mindset and guide them through a multi-faceted view to problem solving as they hit milestones in their learning journey with us.

We are proud to have won awards (and still counting) in below competitions :

  • RippleUX Competition - Singapore National Coding & Robotics Competition

  • 3D Tronics Microcontroller Challenge

  • First Lego League

  • National Primary Games Creation and Coding Competition

  • National Robotics Competition

  • SHHK National Thinkers Challenge

  • IDE Series

MOE’s secondary schools’ Direct Schools Admission Exercise (DSA), recognises and admits students based on a diverse range of talents. This includes coding/programming achievements.

Hesitate no further! Let us help you unleash your potential and reach your limit as we embark on this exciting journey!

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