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Distance Learning

Learn to code to prepare
for the new 


Introducing our Online Zoom Programs

Our Online Programs are designed for students ages 7-15. We are offering online classes to children amid an increasing demand for children to learn independently at home.

Students onboard on this program will learn a new skill during our regular weekly classes. 


From game design to App development, join our fun and interactive classes to get exposed to programming and computational thinking.    

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Our Programs


Game- Making with Scratch

The module has 12 Lessons where the duration of each class is 1.5 Hours.

$240 for 4 Lessons

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App Development with Thunkable

The module has 12 Lessons where the duration of each class is 1.5 Hours.

$240 for 4 Lessons

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FAQ for online class

What is required for the program?

  • A working mic and webcam, in order to participate in the class and for our instructor to check their understanding

  • Familiarity with basic computer functions such as using zoom, typing , etc

  • Need to  be independent, motivated and have self-discipline to learn

  • Class limit to 4 students

  • Minimum 2 students to start a class

  • Cancellation Policy: No cancellation or Refunds

    What our students say

The  lesson was fun and not difficult to understand so I felt more motivated to learn more about the different components of each activity


Zuneng, 13

March 2019

I get to code with my friends and grow stronger bonds with them, I also learn how to face problems effectively


Dylan, 11

Aug 2020

I like this class because I have met very good teachers and friends and i also got to know more ways of coding



Alexis, 11

Jan 2021

I like how the teacher expected us to be independent so that we could solve our own problems with the code and we can also ask the teacher any questions we have

Charles, 13

Apr 2019

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