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Welcome to Coders Passion! We are a coding and robotics educator, providing educational services to local MOE schools. With our expertise and passion for technology, we strive to inspire and empower students to explore the exciting world of coding. Whether it's through interactive workshops or comprehensive curriculum development, we are committed to fostering a love for coding and robotics in the next generation of innovators. Join me on this journey and let's unlock the potential of young minds together!

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At Coders Passion, we provide a range of services to help students excel in coding and programming. Our services to MOE schools include Enrichment Programs, Teacher Training CCA Program, and Competition Training. We are passionate about nurturing young minds and guiding them towards a successful future in the tech industry.

Enrichment Programs

At Coders Passion, we offer a wide range of enrichment programs in school. Our programs are designed to provide exceptional value and enhance the learning experience for students. Explore our diverse range of programs and give your child the opportunity to excel.

CCA Program

Our CCA program is designed to help students develop their skills and interests outside of the classroom. With a variety of activities to choose from, students can explore their passions and discover new talents. Join our CCA program and unlock your full potential.

Teacher Training

We believe that teachers play a crucial role in shaping the future of education. That's why we offer comprehensive training programs for teachers. Our expert team will equip educators with the necessary skills and knowledge to deliver high-quality instruction. Invest in your professional development with our teacher training programs.

Competition Training

For those looking to take their coding skills to the next level, our competition training program is the perfect choice. Our experienced coaches will guide you through rigorous training sessions, preparing you for coding competitions and challenges. Join our competition training program and unleash your coding potential.

If you would like more information about our programs, get in touch with us today.

 What our students say

The  lesson was fun and not difficult to understand so I felt more motivated to learn more about the different components of each activity


Zuneng, 13

March 2019

I get to code with my friends and grow stronger bonds with them, I also learn how to face problems effectively


Dylan, 11

Aug 2020

I like this class because I have met very good teachers and friends and i also got to know more ways of coding



Alexis, 11

Jan 2021

I like how the teacher expected us to be independent so that we could solve our own problems with the code and we can also ask the teacher any questions we have

Charles, 13

Apr 2019

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