Game-Making with Scratch Programming


Age Group: 8 and above, maximum 8 students per class

Structure: 10 week lessons; Each lesson is 2 hours


Scratch is a programming language based on visuals and animation, rather than lines of code. It allows students to drag and drop programming instructions presented in visual blocks instead of typing them out. In addition, Scratch allows students to create games such as flappy bird, crossy road, ping pong, etc.

Scratch is used as the introductory language because creation of interesting programs is relatively easy, and skills learnt can be applied to other basic programming languages such as Python and Java. Scratch was first made available to the public in 2006 by the Lifelong Kindergarten group, led by Mitchel Resnick, at the MIT Media Lab. Scratch allows students to learn to think creatively, work collaboratively, and reason systematically.

Participants will also learn key computer science concepts such as sequences, loops, conditionals and abstraction by building a game at the end of the workshop.



  • A laptop (PC/Mac) with charger

  • A Gmail account to access and save Scratch project

Scratch Clicker Game


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