Frequently Asked Questions

(Holiday Camp)

  1.  My Child is new to programming. Will he/she be able to follow? 
    Of Course! Our curriculum are designed for children to learn effectively  even without any        programming background. ​

  2. What is the class size?
    We believe that learning should extend beyond classroom.   Our class size of 8 students will  allow us to facilitate in a small in-class discussion.  By ensuring a small class, each student          benefits from maximum attention from instructor and teaching assistant, and at the same          time, learns from peers.

  3. I'm worry that my child will not receive attention from the instructor?​​
    Please be assured that our instructor will be able to cater to your child's doubt during class.      In  class, there will be 1 Lead Instructor conducting theory lessons to the class.  During                activities time,  we guarantee a class ratio of  1 instructor to 5 students. This arrangement will  allow our lead instructor and teaching assistant(s)  to assist and guide your child during class    time.

  4. What does my child needs to bring to the workshop?
    Students will have to bring a laptop and charger to class. This is to allow our instructor to             install the necessary software for them to continue learning back home. Students are encouraged to create a gmail account before class. Students will require a gmail account to create an online account for Scratch to save their work. 

  5. Instructor Quality

         Our Instructors are all MOE-registered and have experience teaching coding enrichment in                   schools. They also love teaching and have a passion for  technology.